Valletta - Валлетта

Classic Valletta Tour - Классический тур по Валлетте

Half Day (4 hrs) - Полдня (4 часа)
Evening Tour (2 hrs) - Вечерний тур (2 часа)

Classic Valletta Tour. Photo: Svetlana Vella


Valletta, the capital of Malta, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980 and owes most of its existence, fame and glory to the Order of St. John aka Knights Hospitaller. We advise you to start getting to know this city by attending the Valletta Classical Tour.

The starting point is the Triton fountain, a central meeting point from where Valletta’s formidable fortifications can be seen. We will then proceed inside the city and see how the past and present perfectly blend in Renzo Piano’s City Gate urban project. We proceed then to the Upper Barrakka Gardens where we will have an opportunity to see the Grand Harbour that attracted the first settlers in prehistoric times. A panorama of the Three Cities will tell us much about the early years of the Knights of St. John in Malta. Then we will be heading to St. John’s Co-Cathedral, arguably the most important sightseeing in Valletta as it hosts Caravaggio’s “Beheading of St. John” as well as many other precious objects of Baroque fine arts. We will be stopping next in St. George Square in front of the Grandmaster Palace that witnessed many historical events including Sette Giugno riots that paved the way to the first Maltese constitution. Along the way down Republic Street we will hear more stories from the recent past and admire Antonio Sciortino’s Great Siege monument that contains the main elements of the Maltese cultural code.    

Meeting point: The Triton fountains, just outside Valletta City Gate. 

Valletta can be reached by public transport or taxi.
Find out your bus route at or book a taxi at, or any other taxi operator of your choice. 

Type of tour: Walking tour. Please wear comfortable shoes and take umbrellas and raincoats in case of rain (applicable between September — March). 

Price: 2 hrs tour EUR 100.00 (group of 1-4 people) and EUR 150.00 (group of 5-10 people)

4 hrs tour EUR 150.00 (group of 1-4 people) and EUR 200.00 (group of 5-10 people)

Museum tickets are not included in the price and can be consulted at

A lunch stop is not included in the itinerary

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