Birgu - Биргу

Classic Birgu Tour - Классический тур по Биргу

Half Day (4 hrs) - Полдня (4 часа)

Birgu Classical Tour. Photo: Svetlana Vella


Birgu is Malta’s maritime city par excellence as well as a showcase of the religious heritage of the island. We would recommend starting your acquaintance with this old city by joining our Birgu Classical Tour.

The starting point is the Birgu Couvre Port. Through a complicated system of gates we will enter the city and go straight to the Inquisitor’s Palace, one of a few that remain throughout Europe. The exposition of this museum will help us understand what type of inquisition prevailed in Malta. There we will also learn about Malta’s colourful religious traditions and feasts. From the Inquisitor’s Palace we will go to the outskirts of Birgu and then walk back to its core, where a number of stories will be told about the epic and victorious Great siege of Malta of 1565. We then go down to St. Lawrence parish church and the Freedom monument which marks a very important point in Malta’s modern history. 

From there we will proceed to the Maritime Museum where the history of the Maltese Islands in connection to the Mediterranean Sea will be revealed, from the time of the first colonizers through the Knights of St. John to the British period.       

Meeting point: in front of Birgu Couvre Port. 

Birgu can be reached by public transport or taxi.
Find out your bus route at or book a taxi at, or any other taxi operator of your choice. 

Type of tour: Walking tour. Please wear comfortable shoes and take umbrellas and raincoats in case of rain (applicable between September — March). 

Price: 2 hrs tour EUR 100.00 (group of 1-4 people) and EUR 150.00 (group of 5-10 people)

4 hrs tour EUR 150.00 (group of 1-4 people) and EUR 200.00 (group of 5-10 people)

Museum tickets are not included in the price and can be consulted at

A lunch stop is not included in the itinerary

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